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Training and working as a Business Analyst
Working as an Option Quest Independent Business Analyst is a respectable and rewarding profession. We give everyone a chance; however, like in any other endeavor, people with initiative and drive will perform better than others. If you have these qualities, you will be very impressed at how far we went to give you the tools you need to succeed. We have carved a new space in the marketing, scalability and exit services for small business. Whether you worked as a business broker or as a marketing services agent making a good salary in the past, when you work here you will do both. By helping business people with top notch services (formerly too complex for their budgets) you start earning an income immediately while you solidify relationships and wait for a closing, or a larger payday. We don't ask you to keep another job until you see payday, as most business brokerage agencies do. We make it possible for you to offer desirable services that make you a good earner from day one. See Recommended Services for some of the exciting programs you can engage clients in.

Advertising and marketing with Option Quest
As a successful business owner, you are probably very good at what you do. We appreciate that, because we are also at the top of our game in what we do. There is a saying that if you allocate your time between five tasks, you can only give each 20% of your attention, time and focus. When it comes to success in marketing and advertising, nothing comes even close to the power and leverage our methods offer. So why not focus on your core competencies, and free your time by allowing us to engage our resources to make some really cool things happen for you? We just may be able to raise the actual value of your business in the process.

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